Hi All!

Here you’ll find some very important tips if you’re going to make your own logo.

You should have to be creative and think out of the box to make something great. There are too many types of the logos in the world but you have to think about the one you’re going to work on.

You must think BIG when designing the logo. Keep in mind that what’s the purpose to make a logo for you and what’s your business or company is all about. You have to think about the shape of your logo to make your brand stand out from the others around you.

There are many kinds of logos like Text based, Abstract mark, Minimalist, Mascot and many others but you have to choose the right one for your business or company because logo will play a very important role here.

Logos should be made scalable ( In Vector Based Softwares ) so that they easily can be transformed between sizes and formats in the future. And Vector made logos won’t lose their quality when enlarge or make them smaller for their use aur requirements.

Graphic designers use vector softwares ( CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator ) for making the logos in vector. Because these softwares are used worldwide just because of their great features and give the best results.

So you must have some knowledge about Coreldraw or Adobe illustrator before starting to work on the logo you need. Then you’ll have the desired results.

On the tutorial page you can see a tutorial in which we have shown how you can make a logo for an institute. It should be a logo in vector and scaleable as we have mentioned above about the scaleable logos and about their purpose.