Hello guys!
I have just started working on some Graphic design tutorials and the first one I have done
is about how to make a logo in CorelDraw. I have tried to keep it simple so that you can
understand it easily aur ager apko kisi tarah ki koi mazeed guidance chahiye then feel
free to contact me and I ‘ll be there to help you out.

So Enjoy this tutorial and learn how you can make a logo in CorelDrawX6


This tutorial is about Photoshop and I ‘m going to tell you that how can you remove the background
of your pictures by using pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. Although there are also many other ways to
crop your images and change their backgrounds but Pen tool is the best choice for a professional
like me.

So I ‘d like to tell you about it’s importance and how can you use that.
I ‘m sure that apko buhat seekhne ko mile ga is video se.
Check this video below:


How to design a logo

Logo plays the main role to describe about any brand and how the world perceive it. It has to be very clean and should be able to convey it’s clear message to the market. Ek company k liye sab se important cheez us ka logo hoti hai aur dekhne wale is se hi andaza kerte hain ke company ka business actual me kya hai. So I hope you have got my point.

So I ‘ll try to explain about how you can make a logo for a business or your client. Please check the given points below :

  1. You please listen to your client in detail that what kind of a logo he’s looking for and what’s his brand or product or company is all about. It will help you to understand your clients’ needs to get started.
  2. Select the type of your logo

There are many types of logos and you have to select one to get started.

  1. Abstract Mark Logo
  2. Mascot Logo
  3. Vintage Logo
  4. Minimalist Logo
  5. Handmade Logo
  6. Watercolor Logo
  7. Emblem Logo
  8. Letter Mark

So you’ll start working according to your requirements.

  1. Try to find some kind of inspiration or you can get some help from internet also. But make sure that try to be creative all the time. You have to make something your own to make your mark. Inspiration lena bura nahi but hamesha kuch creative kerne ki koshish kijiye kyu ke is se apko apna portfolio ko banane me bhi buhat help mile gi. So you have to work hard for not only your clients but it will also help you to build a strong career in the field of graphic design. And a great portfolio leads to more working opportunities.
  2. Colors are also very important when making a logo because the right color selection makes the logo more appealing and look great.
  3. Try some nice fonts for the logo.
  4. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw are the best softwares for logo making as I have told you before.